Distant Stars band
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Distant Stars: A group of inter-dimensional beings that have been sent by the rock n’ roll gods to bring infinite love & shenanigans to the people of Earth. Join the unfolding journey.
Jakey Thomas of Distant Stars
jakey thomas
Jakey T is your standard, flamboyant frontman: scantily-clad, late for everything, women’s size 2. At a young age, Jakey tripped and fell into a rabbit-hole and has since had the desire to show everyone what’s inside- infinite love and a little bit of madness.
Primary: Vocals and guitar
Secondary: Bass, keys, drums
Tai Drury of Distant Stars
tai drury
Tai is a hair-flipping, guitar-shredding, drink-per-hand wild child with an unapologetic love for jazz fusion. He enjoys speaking gibberish, photo collaging, and hosting dinner nights with friends. (And playing an unplugged electric bass on your couch at 3am.)
Primary: Guitar
Secondary: Bass, vocals
Andy Fettig of Distant Stars
andy fettig
Andy - the quiet and mysterious one. Is he listening to Billie Ellish in his headphones? Does he have a complex tier-system for rating the gas stations he’s visited? Can he somehow manage to put a vibraphone track into a rock n’ roll song? We may never know… but one thing is certain: that synth solo he just played was S I C K.
Primary: Keys/synth, bass, trumpet
Secondary: Guitar, vocals

Al Riesenbeck of Distant Stars
al riesenbeck
Al is kind of a dad: He likes tinkering with vintage synths and drum machines in the garage and sampling vintage Sears shopping music. He likes jazz, classic rock, and hip hop. He probably doesn’t see the point in this description- he’s here to bang on the drums and play some freakin’ music.
Primary: Drums/precussion
Secondary: Sampler, keys/synth, vocals
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